Sunday, May 17, 2009

FAP Turbo Review - IS FAP Turbo a Great Scam?.

Is FAP Turbo a great con or a grand slam? Many folks are pronouncing this software is the real deal, but is it actually a good forex trading software with the power to consistently grow your account?

In order to assess whether the FAP Turbo is a trick or not, the very first thing to look at is its performance, because this software is structured for one thing only : make you cash. So, does it?

I purchase literally every currency trading software that comes out on the market, not because each one of them work, but because I am always on the look for new trading tools, and I love to know first hand whether work or not.

Sometimes , they do not.To me this move by the creators of the FAP Turbo was bold and risky, because if at some point the software underperformed, anyone would be in a position to notice it, so my easy guess was that if both back test results and live trading results were consistent, the FAP Turbo was likely to be a correct and effective EA.

Those results keep showing a winning % well above 90%, which is very high, and the drawdown of the software remains below 1% ( the average EA will have ten to 20%), which explains the smooth equity graph you will see on the statements page at the FAP Turbo's site.

Since I downloaded and installed the FAP Turbo I have turned a special $500 account (which I set up to trade only with this EA) into $ 2,184, which up so far has been the fastest growth I have achieved with a fully automated forex software.

The FAP Turbo Scalper is a particularly strong component of the package, and as you will see once you download the software, it will allow you to trade EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF and USD/CAD.

So is the FAP Turbo Scam or Slam? You be the judge of that by taking a closer look at its performance and overall ratings compared to other forex trading systems at: FAP Turbo System

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